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West Mirror offers large collection of mirrors

19th October 2021 Print

Mirrors are good for a lot more than to check how you look before heading out the door. Mirrors can bounce light around lighting up a dark room and they can make a room look larger. The correct choice and placement of mirrors are important for the best outcome. If a homeowner buys a good quality mirror it will last for decades improving the look of a home.

Buying Mirrors

West Mirrors is one mirror supplier that can be accessed online for convenient shopping. They have an extensive collection of mirrors to choose from. Because this supplier has a lot of mirrors to choose from, you can concentrate on finding the perfect mirror for each space in the home. You can choose the perfect glass style, mirror size and shape, and frame style and finish.

Choose a mirror supplier who offers good quality mirrors at competitive pricing. Comparing prices of similar mirrors at different online mirror retailers will help a person get the best price. Some online retailers take longer to ship or charge higher shipping rates than others so compare shipping prices and policies also.

Just in case of problems, check the mirror suppliers' return policies for that time when a mirror choice does not work out, the wrong mirror is shipped, or there is shipping damage. Then be clear about the site's payment policies and the forms of payment they accept.

Mirror Types and Styles

There are multiple types and styles of mirrors to choose from. Consider large standing mirrors, French mirrors, Boho mirrors, metal mirrors, wood mirrors, antique style mirrors, contemporary mirrors, and more. Mirrors come in different shapes including round, oval, rectangular, square, and unique shapes. It is possible to find a mirror that coordinates with the home's decorating style and color scheme. Mirrors also come with different types of glass.

Ideas and Advice for the Best use of Mirrors in The Home

To make sure the mirrors chosen add glamor and interest to a room while maximizing the light and giving the room a larger feel, choose carefully. Designers recommend buying the biggest mirror the budget will allow and the space will accommodate.

- Think about what the mirror will be reflecting- For instance, change a mirror where it will reflect a window or an attractive architectural feature.

- Consider hanging several mirrors in a vignette.

- Get the proportions of the mirror and the room right- A mirror that is too small or too large for a room will not give the best advantage so take the time to choose the right size- 

- Take the time to find the best placement of a mirror in the room so it reflects light, makes the room look larger, and looks good as a decorative element- The mirror should be hung at the best height for the room and what it will be reflecting.

- Placing a long narrow mirror between two windows can make a room look larger.

- Choosing a mirror design that looks like a window for a small room without many windows and placing it to reflect light can open up the space and add light.

- Choose a mirror with a frame that coordinates with the decorating scheme of the room it will be placed in.

- Choose mirrors that have decorative frames and act as a piece of art in a room.

- One of the best places to put large mirrors is over a fireplace mantel.

- It is OK to use big mirrors in small rooms- A large mirror leaning against one wall can create the illusion of space and depth in a small room.

- A mirror hung over a dining room buffet or another large piece of furniture with light sconces on either side makes a great focal point in a room- 

Hanging That New Mirror

Mirrors are glass and will break if they fall off the wall, so take the time to hang them properly. Use proper wall hooks or picture hangers that are rated for the weight of the mirror. Use two hangers for the mirror, one on either side. This helps the mirror to hang flat and give a better reflection of the room. If mirrors are heavy, make sure the hangers are over a wall stud for stability and support. It may be a good idea to have large, heavy mirrors hung by professionals.

Large mirrors that will be leaning against a wall should be placed out of traffic patterns. They should be a little way out from the wall at the bottom to make them more stable so they won't tip over into the room.

Getting the Right Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors have an important job in addition to looking good. We need a good bathroom mirror to get ready for the day. We need an accurate image of ourselves as we comb our hair or put on makeup. These mirrors need proper lighting over them or on either side of them. The mirrors need to be sized and hung properly.

A mirror over a vanity can be the exact width of the vanity. Some vanities are large enough for two sinks and then the homeowner can choose one large mirror or two matching mirrors. If a person wants a mirror smaller than the vanity the rule of thumb is to make it 70 to 80 percent as wide as the vanity.

The functional bathroom mirror needs to reach approximately one foot above the eye line and one foot below the eye line of the people that will be using it. Taller is better because it allows people to have a better view and more angles. It is best if the top of the mirrors reach from four to seven feet from the floor.

In addition to the correct size, the mirror should be accurate in its reflection. This is where you need to make sure to get the best quality mirrors to avoid distortion or cloudiness in the glass.

It is also a good idea to have a full-length mirror somewhere to check out how you look from head to toe before leaving the house. Does that dress make you look overweight? Is that color good for you? Being able to look at yourself from all angles helps you feel confident about what you have chosen to wear.

A home with well-chosen and placed mirrors will look brighter, lighter, and more attractive.

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