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4 ways technology can improve your business

20th December 2021 Print

If you don't have a tech-based business, you might assume that tech does not really have a big part to play in your company. You may be happy with how you do things and see little reason for change. You might also be concerned that introducing more tech is going to add a layer of complication to your business that you don't want. While it's true that, to paraphrase a common saying, you don't need to fix things that aren't broken, you might be surprised at how some types of tech can improve your company.

Fleet Management

Fleet management can involve a complex series of tasks. You need to keep track of driver hours, regulations and costs while at the same time making sure that your fleet is performing as efficiently and effectively as possible. One way to greatly improve your fleet performance is with live GPS tracking. Installing GPS hardware, which you can do in minutes, does not just mean that you can track vehicle locations although that is one advantage. You can use it to share live tracking with customers, respond rapidly to changing conditions, identify problems early on and improve the productivity of your fleet in general.

Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement software can help you reward and keep your best employees. This type of software works in a number of different ways. It can be a quick and easy way for employers to get a sense of how workers feel about various policies, practices and other things in the workplace. It can also make it easier for employees to access information about their benefits. Some types offer gamification that can improve productivity and training, including augmented reality as part of training sessions.

Communication Tools

If you think that email and phones are all that you need, think again. While it is important to know what’s coming next for mobile devices and digital tech, it is not everything. And phones in particular can actually lead to many miscommunications. More is not necessarily better but choosing the right tool for your office can go a long way toward improving how people share vital information with one another. 

There are a number of different kinds of chat software as well as tools that integrate chat with project management. Of course, in many offices, video conferencing software has become ubiquitous in just a couple of years. This can be useful in reducing money spent on business trip. It can also be useful if you have any remote staff.

Artificial Intelligence

People often worry about computers or machinery becoming so adept at what they do that employees are no longer needed. But what is more likely to happen with artificial intelligence is that it can either perform tasks that humans cannot, or it can take care of lower-level tasks, freeing up the humans to deal with the more interesting and complex issues. One example of the latter is the use of chatbots for customer service needs. Many people contacting a company have simple questions that can be quickly answered by bots, and this allows customer service employees to focus their energy on more challenging problems.