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3 pieces of furniture you should consider for your home in 2022

26th January 2022 Print

With a new year, comes a whole lot of new home improvements for many of us! Refresh the look of your home in the simplest way we know how: with luxe, statement pieces of furniture. 

Although absolutely essential to the decorating process, furniture is often overlooked. Many homeowners settle for outdated, unattractive furniture pieces because they come at little expense. But quality doesn’t have to come at a high cost! Be selective about the furniture placed in your home, and make sure it all contributes to the look, function and efficiency of your space. 

If you need a little help deciding what furniture pieces to invest in, here are three pieces of furniture we suggest you consider for your humble abode in 2022.

Accent chairs

When considering furniture for the living room, many people just stop at the sofa! After all, a sofa seems to fulfil any need for sitting space that one might have. Unfortunately, with just a sofa, a lounge can also look sparse, clinical and uncomfortable. 

An accent chair can make your room appear much cosier and homely! Available in a range of styles such as the club chair, chesterfield chair and slipper chair, an accent chair is a brilliant interior design move that can revolutionise the chic style of a home. Given its extra seating space and aesthetic appeal, we’d really recommend investing in a statement piece such as this. 


You might wonder: what actually is an Ottoman? Ottomans are multifunctional, diverse furniture pieces that bring liveliness and comfort to any room. On visual appeal alone, an ottoman is worth the investment. But ottomans can also be used as seating and storage! Lift the ‘lid’ of an ottoman and you will uncover plenty of hollow space beneath, perfect for storing paperwork, books and other household bits-and-bobs. 

When investing in an ottoman, consider how this piece actually fits into the home, what function it will serve, and whether the piece you are considering will connect well aesthetically to the rest of your property. Fortunately, there are plenty of upholstery and storage options for an ottoman out there, completely customisable to your needs.

Bedside tables

The first thing we typically buy when we move into a new home is the bed! Of course, the bed is one of – if not the – most important pieces of furniture in the home. But what about items that complement this piece? We’re often so focused on the bed, that we can forget about another essential for the bedroom: the bedside tables! Bedside tables can store everything you need each morning and night, so that you never miss a day of work or a moment of sleep. 

Importantly, bedside tables come with a lot of cool interior design choices. Invest in a matching set for a sleek, contemporary look or go a little eclectic, mixing and matching vibrant (cohesive yet different) bedside tables. 

Although we have recommended great pieces of furniture, we understand how challenging it may be to actually find the best real-life examples of the items we have recommended. Are you Essex-based and in need of statement products? If so, we invite you to peruse some of the finest modern furniture in Essex, delivered by The Modern Furniture Company. With a range of signature furniture pieces that greatly enhance the home, The Modern Furniture Company has everything you need to transform your beloved domestic property in 2022.