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Learning the fine art of relaxation

4th April 2022 Print

Do you know how to relax? Before answering, think about the last vacation you took that was for the sole purpose of getting away from it all and simply recharging your batteries. For so many people in the modern digital age, the only way to truly relax is to take the geographic cure and visit a faraway place. There's no one-size-fits-all itinerary. Everyone has their own wish list of destinations and unique ideas about the definition of ultimate relaxation. That's why the first step in learning the art of stress elimination is making a plan. Where do you want to go? What will you do there? How will you cover the cost? Will you travel alone or with others?

Those questions, and several more, should be near the top of your written getaway plan. In addition to paying for the whole thing, be honest about what relaxes you mentally and physically. For some, it's wide-open beaches and slow, sunny afternoons doing absolutely nothing. Others prefer to wander through famous museums and landmarks, spending their days taking in the sights, catching lunch in outdoor cafes, and taking in the local nightlife wherever they happen to be. Whether you're planning a bucket list journey of a lifetime or a quick weekend getaway to a quiet seaside resort, here's how to make a plan that works.

Make Your Wish List

No two people have the same idea about what the perfect vacation is. There are beautiful destinations to include on your wish list that are commonplace but that does not mean they are best suited for you specifically. The same is true for shorter trips, weekend excursions to nearby towns, and camping expeditions. List several locations and activities that seem the most relaxing to you. Be specific about city names, what you'll be doing each day, and how you plan to fill free time in the evenings. Once you have a detailed list, move on to the budgeting phase.

Pay Now, Travel Later

Getting great bargains and huge discounts on airfare and accommodations means booking far in advance. If you have a specific itinerary in mind, it's possible to save about 50 percent on the total cost of the journey. That's why it makes so much sense to apply for a personal loan to pay for the entire vacation ahead of time. Be sure to work with a private lender in order to gain access to things like competitive interest rates and sensible repayment periods. Plus, private lenders can tailor loans to suit your needs. Applying is easy, and it's often possible to get your money within a few business days after approval.

Spend Two Weeks on a Beach

One of the most popular ways to banish stress is what some travelers call the TWOAB treatment. The clever acronym is well-known among travel agents and stands for "two weeks on a beach." Shop carefully and aim for trips that don't include extras you don't want or need. Consider places like Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, and Central America for the best no frills bargains on TWOAB vacation packages.

Remote Wilderness

If beaches are not your thing, head to the great outdoors for some back to nature relaxation. Mountain cabins in places like the Great Northwest, Canada, and elsewhere are perfect for those who want peace and quiet. Again, it's to your advantage to do comparison shopping to get the best deals.