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Getting your business ready for Net Zero

25th July 2022 Print

Although there are many of us who would like to see a little more urgency in actions taken to beat the climate crisis, the current state of play is that a little over three-quarters of the world’s surface is covered by some form of commitment to Net Zero. Included among those governments are China, the USA, the United Kingdom, and the European Union as a whole. There is also a long list of countries both within the EU and further afield that have made their own commitments, some more ambitious than others. 

If you are running a business, then the likelihood is that Net Zero legislation will affect it in due course, although in most cases the laws won’t take full effect until at least 2045. Nonetheless, there has never been any harm in getting ahead of the problem, and making your business Net Zero-friendly isn’t just good for the planet; it can be beneficial for your bottom line, if you needed further convincing. Below, we’ll look at the steps you can take to achieve Business Net Zero sooner rather than later.

Switch to a greener energy firm

The more businesses that switch to green energy suppliers, the clearer it will become that reducing carbon emissions is a priority for ordinary people. Greater demand for cleaner energy will compel energy companies to put more effort into researching renewable sources and making green energy available at a cheaper rate.

Convene a Green Team

Across your business, there will be people who are motivated by environmental concern - studies show that younger people in particular prioritise climate change above any other issue. Get your employees involved in finding ways to reduce waste, like a Reduce Reuse Recycle policy, and making sure all equipment in the office is switched off before closing up.

Reduce business travel and commuting

The plan to get workers back in the office has its merits, but it’s flying in the face of the need to cut emissions. It’s not productive to have your employees sitting in traffic for upwards of an hour in the morning and evening. It leads to greater stress on them, and increases emissions on the roads. Offer remote working to employees who want it and to all new hires - long commutes are getting harder to justify.

Additionally, cut business trips to a minimum; zero if possible. You don’t need to fly to Shanghai to close a deal - it can be done over Zoom, and the cost of travel invested back into your business.

Make a point of being green

The reasons for embracing Net Zero are altruistic - we’d like to leave a livable planet for those who come after us. But they can also be hard-headed business choices, if that helps convince people it’s a good idea. Study after study shows that people don’t think enough is being done to prevent climate crisis, so put your best foot forward and show you’re on the right side. Increasing numbers of people are expressing a wish to work for employers with a conscience. So speak up, be open about the changes you want to make, and embrace the future. It will pay off in every way possible.