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Driving a convertible: These are the advantages

19th November 2022 Print

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, many people quickly start dreaming when they consider the choice of convertibles. But even if some of them have had the great desire to own a convertible at some point since childhood, they struggle with themselves when it comes to making it a reality. 

However, not all decisions in life have to be made on the basis of pure reason. So there are certainly good arguments to be found for including convertibles with Volkswagen convertible tops in the purchase decision - even if they are largely of an emotional nature. The following article shows in detail what advantages a convertible can offer its owner. 

The indescribable convertible feeling

Going "topless" is by no means only popular on exotic beaches. It also gives a very special feeling in the car. 

Especially on nice days and in the warm months of the year, it is almost indescribable to explore the city in a convertible or to discover beautiful country roads with it. 

The warm wind always caresses your face and the many different smells of the surroundings create a very special atmosphere. Owning a convertible therefore goes hand in hand with an extra portion of quality of life. 

Large selection of different models

Of course, there is no such thing as "the one" convertible. Nowadays, the selection of different models from the various manufacturers is extremely comprehensive and varied. Although most convertible owners focus on relaxed cruising, there are also open-top cars that have the potential to become real racing cars. So if you wish, you don't have to forego impressive drifts with a convertible either. 

But regardless of whether your heart beats for chic sports cars or simple vehicles - everyone can find exactly the model that ideally meets their personal wishes and needs in the wide range of convertibles.

More cost-effective than assumed

It is all too often assumed that a small fortune has to be invested in the purchase of a convertible, so that these vehicles prove to be unaffordable for normal earners anyway. However, this is nothing more than a widespread misconception. 

Depending on which manufacturer and which model is chosen, the prices for open-top driving pleasure vary greatly. In this context, of course, it also plays a role whether the convertible is purchased as a new car or as a used car. 

High safety level of modern convertibles

If a vehicle is equipped with a stable, fixed roof, this naturally provides comprehensive protection for the heads of the occupants in the event of an accident. However, this does not mean that convertibles are generally unsafe - especially not for modern models. 

Today's convertibles can, for example, impress all along the line with their complex roll-over bars and extremely robust folding roofs, which guarantee the safety of both the driver and the other passengers. Of course, convertibles do not do without other measures in the category of accident and crash prevention.