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6 sports to help you get active this summer

3rd May 2023 Print

Sports have entertained and united generations across cultures and borders, and today’s competitive sports are not strangers to this fact. Without question, sports thrive for good reasons. That’s why prominent sports events have become mainstream in the entertainment industry, lifestyle, health, and leisure.

But besides these, sports remain one of the most effective and fun ways to get active and fit. Before sports’ cultural significance, they have always been a go-to for many fitness enthusiasts or those looking for a healthy activity for the body. This article will let you know the best sports to help you get active this summer.

1. Football

Undoubtedly, summertime and football go hand in hand. It's a sport that should definitely make it to everyone's list of summer activities to boost endurance, agility, core strength, and quick thinking skills. 

In addition, football ignites the fervor of loyal fans, leading to intense matches that are sure to get you sweating. 

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2. Swimming

Nothing beats a dip in the ocean or pool during the hot season. Swimming is always great for improving your core, upper body, and leg muscle strength. Plus, swimming is very accessible at any time and in most places. You can either jump onto cooler pool water or swim with ocean waves and have a bonus tan.

3. Beach Volleyball

Team sports are always a good choice if you’re looking for a more competitive game. Beach volleyball is a good workout and time out with friends. Summer is still the best season to play this sport while toning your major muscles and improving your endurance and agility. 

4. Cycling

Who wouldn’t want to have the chance to travel from one scenery to another while getting a vigorous workout? If you want to achieve this perk, cycling would be the better choice. This sport guarantees reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases and improves your circulation while giving you doses of sunlight.

5. Street Hockey

Winter is for ice hockey, and summer is for street hockey. This variation of traditional hockey is played on dry and flat surfaces with a small ball as a puck, and players run on foot or wheeled skates. This competitive team sport helps you sweat through summer while fostering a healthy physique and community.

6. Tennis

A good summer season should start with healthy exercises in the park, and tennis would be a fun way to welcome your sunny days. While some prefer indoor tennis, doing this sport on an outdoor court during summer elevates your experience and activity. Outdoor tennis can be best played during the morning to help stretch your joints, legs, and forearms. 

Get That Active Summer Hustle

Sports has become a lifestyle and culture for some, and it’ll always be a fun way of exercise for many. Summer is the best season to be active, so make sure you’ll put some fraction of your time into enjoying some sports. Getting the extra hustle daily will get you a long way in achieving that summer fitness everyone is gunning for.