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Your at-home guide to working out while the gyms are shut

With gyms across the country closed due to lockdown 2.0, you may be struggling to keep up with your usual exercise routine. But it’s more important than ever to stay motivated and keep fit and healthy over the winter months.

How fitness trackers can improve your daily exercise

Fitness enthusiasts have taken to using modern means and technology to measure and quantitatively track their exercise and workout regimes.

How to stay active this winter

With the weather gradually turning, people are now looking ahead to winter and it could be a challenging few months ahead due to the coronavirus pan-demic and the restrictions that will be in place.

Tips if you are looking to take up running for the first time

Tips if you are looking to take up running for the first time

The events of 2020 have seen many more people take up running for the first time as a way to improve their fitness and to enjoy the fresh air after being cooped up for months.

Airsoft: The Niche Team Sport that Makes Waves

Airsoft: The Niche Team Sport that Makes Waves

Airsoft showed up as a need to reduce gun use in Japan (in the 1970s) without prohibiting the act of shooting. As such, a new industry was born and people were taken by this MilSim activity that’s extremely entertaining and educational.

Why sport centres need to maintain temperature control

Clients who regular visit a gym or leisure centre are probably expected to sweat a bit, whether it’s through an intense sport activity or even a trip to the sauna.

Three reasons to leave the car at home and switch to cycling in 2020

2020 may be well underway already, but there’s no time like the present to start working towards positive change in your life.

Reasons you should run a marathon

Reasons you should run a marathon

Clearly not everyone who ever ran a marathon did that with the sole intention of winning. So why are marathons so popular and why so many people decide to give them a shot?

Exercises for toned legs

Exercises for toned legs

There are so many reasons a person decided to start exercising. No matter whether those reasons include health benefits or they solely focus on the aesthetics – the fact is that exercising is never a bad choice.

Body positivity isn’t just for women

Over recent years, body positivity has become an important topic discussed in the media, as a form of female empowerment against the negative effects of social media.

The five best fitness apps

A lot of us would like to be fitter, but summoning up the motivation to exercise can be an uphill struggle. Listening to music, sports content or a podcast from your favourite stand-up can be a good way of making fitness more fun.

37 million people at risk of ‘distraction danger’ when wearing headphones

New research shows that a staggering 37 million Americans feel they have put themselves in danger over the past 12 months when wearing headphones or earphones while walking, jogging or cycling.

4 of the best teamworking events for employees

There are many reasons that teamworking events are great for employees. It gets them out of the workplace for a day which can be a good break for them and a great de-stress, especially if you have been extremely busy.

Essential exercises to stretch your calves

Essential exercises to stretch your calves

Your calves are some of the overworked muscles in your body and for those of us that exercise regularly it’s not uncommon to experience tightness and shortening. For that reason, it’s important to stretch these muscles regularly to avoid any injury.

You're travelling. So should your fitness routine

If you find yourself travelling as a fitness addict, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you're doing the same amount of exercise on the road as you would do at home.