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How to stay active this winter

13th October 2020 Print

With the weather gradually turning, people are now looking ahead to winter and it could be a challenging few months ahead due to the coronavirus pan-demic and the restrictions that will be in place. One aspect which will be in-credibly important is keeping active during winter - with people spending more time at home, being able to stay active is vital for both mental and physical health. So, how can you stay active this winter?

Run/Walk/Cycle Whenever Possible

Ordinarily, it is easy to put off going for a run, walk or bike ride when it looks a bit miserable outside. This year, it might be worth sucking it up and going out as long as it is safe to do so and taking extra precaution so that you can get out the house and get some exercise. While the weather is worse during winter, there are sure to be times where it is not too wet and you need to take ad-vantage of these opportunities. Just make sure that you have the right cloth-ing, such as women’s thermals which will help you to stay warm.

Exercise at Home

Home exercise has exploded in popularity this year with gyms, leisure centres and competitive sports not possible during lockdown and now restricted. In-vesting in some home exercise equipment could certainly be worthwhile, but you can also do bodyweight exercises or activities like yoga all from the comfort of you own home. If you struggle with motivation, you might find that an online exercise class is a good option.

Drive Less

When leaving the house, instead of automatically grabbing the car keys, you should consider whether or not driving would be a better option. Even just daily walking can make a big difference in the winter months, plus you will be saving on your motoring costs too.

Find An Active Hobby

Hobbies have been hugely important in 2020 and will continue to be so going forward. An active hobby can be good for both your physical and mental health whether this is DIY, gardening, woodworking, dancing or playing the drums. These are all great hobbies to stay active, but as long as you are not sedentary all day then this will help.

This winter will certainly be challenging when it comes to staying active due to the pandemic, but hopefully this post will give you a few ideas and help you to look after your physical and mental health over the coming months.