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A system that deters and detects vehicle cloning

12th September 2009 Print
The Retainagroup security marking and registration system, that has been protecting vehicles against theft for 27 years, is a highly effective means of deterring and detecting vehicle cloning.

The manufacturer’s logo, a unique 7-digit code and the 24/7/365 telephone number of the ISR (International Security Register) are neatly, visibly and permanently etched into all the windows of vehicles at factories or import centres, or as a mandatory PDI function at dealerships.

Details of the vehicles are transmitted electronically to the ISR and can be verified by anyone at any time of the day or night. If the code on the windows of a vehicle that is being checked has a different registration plate number and VIN to those recorded with that code on the ISR, it is almost certain the vehicle is a clone. For instance, had the Toyota Land Cruiser featured on the BBC News Programme on Friday morning (4th September) been marked and registered it would have needed just a quick call to the ISR (free of charge other than the cost of the call) to uncover the fact that the code on the windows did not match the number plate and VIN. The marks on the windows are virtually impossible to alter (unlike the VIN plate) and even if an attempt is made to do so, the correct code will remain on the ISR.

Another perfect illustration of how the system detects cloning was the seizure of 4 vehicles by the ports authority in Dubai. Because the vehicles had been professionally cloned they did not appear on the Interpol stolen vehicle database and all of them were about to be released to a local agent representing the importer. Police checked the etch codes with the ISR and 3 of the vehicles were identified as having been stolen. The police officer concerned said that “without the secondary marking system these vehicles would not have been recovered and valuable intelligence would have been lost.”

The Retainagroup marking process and the ISR are accredited by the Loss Prevention Council and by Thatcham. Details of over 12 million vehicles are on the ISR and over 60 million windows have been etched. Police make use of the system on a daily basis and any member of the public wishing to check for cloning of a vehicle protected by the Retainagroup marking and registration system can call the ISR for an immediate response.

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