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Don’t gamble with grip

8th January 2008 Print
With wet and icy conditions sweeping across the UK, Kwik-Fit is urging motorists not to 'gamble with grip' and has pledged to keep British motorists safer on the roads by cutting the price of leading brand tyres until the end of January.

Kwik-Fit’s research found one-in-ten cars - the equivalent to 2.7 million nationwide – have a tyre fitted with tread that is below the current 1.6mm legal threshold. It also demonstrated that 19% of cars are being driven on tyres with tread that is below 2mm, the depth at which a number of leading national car fleet owners change their tyres.

Motorists concerned about how much grip is left on their tyres are invited for a free, drive-in tyre check at any Kwik-Fit centre. Those that need to can also take advantage of a fantastic 25% discount when they buy any four Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental or Bridgestone tyres, or a 15% discount if they buy any two of any of these leading brand tyres.

David White, Kwik-Fit’s customer service director, commented: “Driving on excessively worn tyres is dangerous at any time of year. But in icy conditions it really is gambling with yours and other road users’ lives. We know that money can sometimes be tight after Christmas but we hope that by offering some exceptional savings we can make a new set of tyres more affordable at this vital time of year. ”

Motor Industry Research Association 2004 research showed that, in wet conditions it takes nearly eight metres – almost a bus length extra – to stop from 50mph when you let your tyres wear down to the legal minimum of 1.6mm. It also showed that the distance required to stop increases exponentially between 3mm and the legal limit of 1.6mm.