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Dog voted most popular pet

10th November 2008 Print
Dogs or cats: it's an emotive subject likely to start heated debates between cat and dog lovers nationwide. Tesco Pet Insurance conducted a survey to shed some light on the subject. In a recent poll of pet owners 58% said they would rather own a dog. While dogs were described as loyal and affectionate, cats are seen by respondents as being lazy and arrogant.

Unsurprisingly, when asked how individuals would choose to spoil their pets a majority said affection and food. When asked which pet they would most like to spoil, 56% of the poll said dog while a measly 24% preferred to spoil their cat. Amazingly 3% of pet owners would spoil their pets with clothing and holidays abroad and for once this wasn't the opinion of WAGs as the 3% were mainly male respondents.

Janet Wickens, Cats Protection's Director of Fundraising and Communications said: "According to the most recent figures published by the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association, the number of pet cats and dogs across the UK is very similar and as the UK's leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection is glad to hear that so many people understand and value the companionship and joy that both cats and dogs bring to millions of households."

Allan Burns, Head of Tesco Pet Insurance says, "Our survey suggests that we really are a nation of dog-lovers, while cats unfortunately didn't fare as well. This may be down to characters like Lassie contributing to the reputation of dogs, saving children from the bottom of wells and dragging the unconscious from train tracks. Cats on the other hand are famous for their evil owners such as Blofeld, and Dr. Evil. However, it was interesting to see the strength of responses, which goes to show how much as a nation we care about our pets."

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