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Bikesure celebrates success of One2Five insurance scheme

18th February 2009 Print
There has been a huge rise in the sales of mopeds, sub-125 scooters and sub-125 motorbikes in recent years. Specialist motorbike insurance broker, Bikesure is now insuring twice as many scooters than it was 18 months ago, and has seen the biggest increase since it launched the One2Five insurance scheme in May 2008.

"This is our fastest growth area," says Robert Balls of Bikesure. "The popularity of these machines as an economical means of transport has continued to grow and this has been reflected by the uptake of the One2Five scheme. Through One2Five we also cover brands that other insurers can't or won't touch, as well as 'high risk riders' such as 17 year olds on race-style bikes."

In these cash-strapped, credit-crunch times scooters and other sub-125s are an increasingly attractive commuting option. Costing less than a car to buy and insure, a 125 machine can be less than 10 pence per mile to run. Many scooters can achieve 100mpg, so as well as saving money on insurance, road tax, servicing and fuel riders are reducing their carbon footprint.

To keep insurance costs down, the One2Five scheme is very competitively priced and standard riders can get an insurance quote online instantly. However, for more out of the ordinary bikes such as little known Far East imports, or for riders with convictions or medical conditions, Bikesure recommends ringing and talking to one of their trained staff who can sort out the best deal available. As many of the Bikesure staff are motorcyclists themselves, they understand the unique challenges that riders face and enjoy dealing with 'problem' situations that other brokers shun.

Offered with the One2Five scheme is a special 'new for old' feature for brand new bikes. If a bike is written off within six months of purchase, One2Five will replace it with no depreciation.

Bikesure is 100% British owned and based. It has a huge range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast, including cheap bike insurance schemes for performance and custom bikes, scooters, trikes, quads and bug riders. For morer information, visit