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Insurer warns of 50% increase in motorcycle accidents

26th May 2009 Print
The UK's biggest insurer has identified this May Bank Holiday weekend (May 23-25) as the most dangerous time of the year for motorcyclists. Recent claims data reveals that there is a staggering 50% increase in motorcycle accidents on the Spring Bank Holiday Monday, making it the single biggest day for claims.

As the weather gets warmer and enthusiasts dust off their motorbikes for their first ride of the year, Norwich Union, soon to be Aviva, is warning both the nation's estimated 1.2 million motorcyclists and their fellow motorists to be extra vigilant. Britain is now heading into the most statistically dangerous part of the year for motorbike accidents caused by motorists.

Nigel Bartram, senior motor underwriting manager, Norwich Union, comments: "As bike fans are keen to get back on the road after a long winter, our claims data shows that accidents are more likely to happen at this time of year. We are urging motorcyclists to be more careful, but equally want to make drivers more aware of the increase in motorbikes that will be filling the roads.

"Checking for blindspots, being aware of bikes overtaking or undertaking and being extra careful when opening doors and pulling out are just some of the simple steps that drivers can take."

Norwich Union attributes the large increase in claims to the warm weather encouraging more ‘weekend riders' onto the roads, but also to the glare of bright sunshine, leading to more accidents than there are on rainy days. On the brightest and hottest summer days Norwich Union sees a 50% increase in motor claims, compared to an average day.