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Justin Timberlake – The Next Tiger Woods?

19th April 2007 Print
Justin Timberlake wants to become a professional golfer. The 26-year-old singer is getting so good on the greens he is hoping to land a place on the Professional Golf Association (PGA) circuit.

A source said: "Justin is a very keen golfer and he's playing to a very high standard now."

Golf fanatic Justin - who plays off a six handicap and is a member of Los Angeles' exclusive Sherwood Country Club - is determined to fulfill his ambition before he is 30 and is practicing as much as possible.

The source added: "His aim is to make it into a pro event - just for a tournament or two. He practices every day, has a coach and takes his clubs wherever he goes."

Earlier this month, Justin was mobbed on a Scottish golf course as he tried to enjoy a quiet 18 holes.

A spokesman for Carnoustie Golf Links said: "With it being a public course, there was no way of keeping fans away from him like you could at a private course.

"So as soon as he was spotted, lots of young girls and kids came to see him."

Justin has revealed he follows rocker Alice Cooper's tour philosophy - either drink all day or play golf.

He said: "Golf gives you something to look forward to the next day."