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Helen Mirren’s Not Short Of Admirers At 61

10th May 2007 Print
Ioan Gruffudd has a crush on Dame Helen Mirren. The 33-year-old star confessed to his actress fiancée Alice Evans he lusts after the Oscar winner, even though at 61 she is almost twice his age.

Alice is quoted by the Daily Express newspaper as saying: "Who is your secret celebrity crush? You know I know. We bumped into her at the Golden Globes and you went all nervous and quiet and a little bit red."

Ioan replied: "Helen Mirren - you've got me, yes, she is my secret crush.

"She's extremely hot and looks like she wouldn't take any nonsense. I love that quality."

Ioan recently challenged David Beckham to a soccer match. The 'Fantastic Four' actor - who is a keen soccer player and friend of British singer Robbie Williams - is looking forward to David joining the Los Angeles Galaxy and participating in the games Robbie hosts at his house.

Ioan said: "I play soccer with Robbie. He's built a pitch in his Los Angeles mansion. I'm no match for him - he's a brilliant player.

"I'm looking forward to a few games with David Beckham when he moves out here."