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Brits get amorous behind the wheel

3rd July 2007 Print
The car plays a pivotal role in Brits’ love lives from initial wooing through to sexual antics and even the break up, according to a poll from leading online car hire broker Holiday Autos.

Holiday Autos polled its customers to find out what are the strangest, funniest and most exciting things they get up to when in their car. The results revealed the car is driving on the fast lane of the Highway of Love.

1. 58% of Brits admitted to having sex in their car, with the flipped passenger seat position as the most popular
2. A flirty 18% of Brits have scored with other motorists by swapping numbers whilst sitting at traffic lights
3. An unfortunate 16% of couples admit to splitting up with their partner following a huge row and leaving them on the roadside

Other weird and wonderful things people have done in their car include:

- Living in the car (probably following a break-up!)
- Mooning at other motorists whilst a further 7% admit to baring all
- Partying inside their car and sometimes involving other motorists
- Singing their heart out, especially at traffic lights and in traffic jams for everyone to enjoy
- A few respondents even admitted to having mystical experiences like seeing ghosts and being contacted by the spirits
- Dressing up – funny attires from bloodied demons to nun outfits

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