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National Car Rental focuses and economy and the environment

3rd September 2008 Print
The need for cost-effective, environmentally friendly, travel solutions is being addressed by leading vehicle rental provider, National Car Rental, at this year’s World Travel Market. Utilising its extensive global network, National is offering the travel industry a range of solutions that meet the needs of leisure and business travellers.

National fully understands the responsibility it has towards the environment, as one of the world’s leading car rental providers. It is therefore committed to a range of activities that, as far as is practicable, reduce the environmental impact of its services as well as supporting customers in meeting their own environmental objectives. Recent environmental initiatives undertaken by National include:

Gamme Verte - France
In France, National operates its ‘Gamme Verte’ (Green Fleet) programme which means that 65% of the fleet at 80% of locations emits less than 140g/km of CO2 . Plus there are now more diesels on the French fleet and the hybrid Citroen C3 Stop & Start has been added.

CO2 Initiatives in Spain
During 2008, National’s partner in Spain, ATESA, has launched two initiatives to help its customers support the environment. Working in partnership with the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving and the Department of the Spanish Industry Ministry which is responsible for Energy Efficiency Labels, ATESA is starting a study to assign CO2 emissions to car types. Information is also being added to the website to provide customers with advice on eco-driving to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Particle Filters in Italy
National's Italian partners have introduced particle filters to its fleet of
diesel vehicles. These effectively prevent carbon particles from entering the atmosphere when the vehicle is in stationary traffic.

Hybrids and diesel on the UK Fleet
The Toyota Prius has been added to the UK fleet and diesel vehicles make up around 35% of the fleet.

Average CO2 Emissions for UK Car Groups
National was the first vehicle rental brand in the UK to add information on average CO2 emissions for each car group, helping customers make more environmentally friendly decisions every time they rent. This not only helps fleet managers determine specific car groups as part of a travel policy but will ensure that any targets set by a business to reduce its carbon footprint can be supported through vehicle rental.

More Countries, More Locations
The already extensive National EMEA network has been enhanced, providing access to more locations to give travellers the confidence of a cost-effective vehicle rental experience that meets their needs, whatever their destination.

• Finland - National now has an average fleet of 1,600 vehicles at 75 locations in 34 cities. This includes all major airports and several major railway stations.
• Portugal - A fleet of 9,000 vehicles is now available, growing by nearly 50% in peak season across 67 locations, including all airports, for the ultimate in convenient travel.
• Romania - Corporate travellers will benefit from seven new locations, including the country’s four main airports.
• Estonia – The fleet in this country, which is becoming popular as a business and leisure destination, has been extended to 120 vehicles, available from 5 locations.
• Sweden - National customers have access to a fleet of 5,000 cars, 20% of which are eco-friendly, cutting down on carbon emissions for business trips. Customers are also able to choose from 100 locations across major cities and all main airports in Sweden.
• Tunisia – A 200 vehicle fleet available at 10 locations reflects the growing importance of this North African country.
• Bosnia and Herzegovina- Four locations have opened in this Eastern European country, operating a maximum fleet of 120 vehicles.
• South Africa - The network and fleet in this important African country has been enhanced to include 18,000 vehicles on fleet at 130 locations.
• Israel – Business and leisure travellers to Israel can now benefit from a fleet of 1,200 vehicles, accessible from 12 locations throughout the region

“Our goal is to provide travellers with a service that is convenient, cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly” confirmed Neil Summerville, Franchise Director, National Car Rental. “And our sustained commitment to the National network means that we can give leisure and business travellers continued confidence that they will receive the high standards of National service in more locations across the region.”

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