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Latvian airlines set ticket prices in Euros

2nd June 2009 Print

From June 1 of this year, automatic reservation systems such as Amadeus, Galileo and WorldSpan will present the price of airline tickets in Latvia in euros.

The decision to move from ticket prices in lats to prices in euros was taken by all of the airlines that sell tickets in Latvia and are part of the International Air Transportation Association.

airBaltic is also a member of that organisation and sets its prices in euros. The airline will also accept payments in lats.

airBaltic tickets can be purchased via the airline’s homepage, at its offices, or at travel agencies. The airline will accept lats on the basis of official currency exchange rates.

The President and CEO of airBaltic, Bertolt Flick: "This will not have much of an effect at all on our passengers, provided that the lats remains stable. airBaltic will continue to accept lats as payments for tickets. On the other hand, the airline will not accept coupons as payment."