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30% of Icelandair passengers use self service in Iceland

10th December 2007 Print
This year the use of the Icelandair self service kiosks in Keflavik has increased rapidly. Right now a third of passengers use one of the 18 self service kiosks to check-in.

These kiosks were introduced just over a year and a half ago and allow Icelandair passengers to check in to all Icelandair destinations, with all ordinary luggage and to select seats on the plane themselves.

All Icelandair passengers can use the self service kiosks and they are particularly popular among frequent flyers. With more and more people catching on to the convenience of self service check-in and how much it can cut down on the waiting period.

Through the use of an advanced graphical user interface, Icelandair customers can check-in using both e-tickets and paper. As a matter of fact, in most cases they only need to know their confirmation number or have the credit card used to book the ticket available.

Once they get started they find the ease of use to be remarkable, allowing for quick seat assignment and most customers completing the check-in in less than a minute.