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Corsica – The perfumed island

30th June 2009 Print

From early spring until late autumn the sweet, spicy scent of the maquis emanates from the wild shrubs and plants which cover much of Corsica, giving it the delightful title: The Perfumed Island.

Plant lovers visiting Corsica should put the Parc de Saleccia, (situated in the Balagne Region -known as the Garden of Corsica) on their itinerary. Seventeen acres include a magnificent arboretum, an olive grove with 15 varieties, a marquis walk and a wild plant walk.

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Casa d’Hugo in Lumio or Apartment Battini in Sant’Ambroggio are particularly well placed for the Parc de Saleccia, as well as magnificent sandy beaches and the lively port of Calvi, with its magnificent 15th Century Citadel, and Ile Rousse.

Create a 'Mediterranean theme' to your garden with green flowered hellebores corsicus, the curry plant (Helychrysum italicum sun serotinum), wild or creeping thyme (thymus serpyllum), common sage (salvia officinalis), creeping Corsican mint, French lavender (lavandula stoechas), Cotton lavenders (santolina chamaecyparissus) and, if you have space, a Corsican pine - (Pinus nigra sub laricio). Plants available from .