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Increase in Micra production

31st October 2009 Print
Nissan Micra

Nissan’s Sunderland Plant is feeling the benefits of the UK scrappage scheme with a 40% increase in Micra production.


The news comes as the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) announced that UK vehicle production has slowed to it slowest rate of decline in September since the crisis began.


Around 11,000 Micras rolled off the line making it a bumper month  for the supermini, which has proved a hit with not only the Scrappage Scheme launched by the Government but Nissan’s own extended scheme.


Launched to coincide with the Government Scheme in April, Nissan’s extended Trade-in offer provides a minimum £2,000 trade in to any owner of a car aged 8 – 10 years when purchasing a Sunderland built Nissan.


As well as offering the savings to a wider range of potential buyers, it also aims to sustain the uplift in sales enjoyed by the company in recent months.


Sales of Micra topped 10,445 across Europe in September, an increase of 4% on last year making it Nissan’s second best selling model.


But Micra’s not the only Sunderland Plant model doing well, Qashqai sales were up 15% last month year on year with a strong customer order bank which continues to exceed expectations.


Trevor Mann, Senior Vice President Manufacturing, Nissan Europe: “The scrappage incentives have brought sales that wouldn’t normally have been generated with Micra proving one of the most popular. 


“Both the Government’s and Nissan’s own schemes have stimulated the market and allowed us to protect jobs at the plant and in the dealer network.


“The boost to production has been very welcome but we need to remain cautious as scrappage incentives are scheduled to come to an end shortly.


“We will continue to monitor the market and adjust our production plan accordingly.”

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Nissan Micra