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Four additions to Citroen Ready to Run programme

1st November 2009 Print
Citroen Relay box van

Citroen’s award-winning Ready to Run programme is now being expanded with new products from Tawe Coachbuilders, KFS, Somers and Supertrucks.  The Ready to Run programme, already the most comprehensive of its type in the UK, includes dropsides, tippers, Luton vans, glass-carrying vans, temperature-controlled vans, car transporters, minibuses and dual-fuel vans.


Robert Handyside, commercial vehicle operations manager, comments: “To put the Citroen Ready to Run programme even further ahead of its competition, four unique and specially developed products are being added.  Tawe Coachbuilders will be supplying a unique, versatile, wheelchair-accessible minibus; KFS a high-payload, multi-purpose small plant carrier; Somers is introducing temperature-controlled box van bodies; and Supertrucks is supplying a low-loading Relay-based glass-carrying van.”


Tawe Coachbuilders Ready to Run Relay wheelchair-accessible minibus


Swansea-based Tawe Coachbuilders’ unique conversion of the Relay 40 L4 H2 offers an unusually high standard of internal trim and upholstery, and all passengers have an unobstructed view through panoramic side windows.  Externally, it looks like a high-class conventional minibus or coach, with none of the usual external features of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  The vehicle can be used as a fully-seated minibus, or with a combination of seated and wheelchair passengers, or as a pure wheelchair passenger carrier, or even as a van. 


The versatility of this new minibus is a product of Tawe’s unique Flex-i-Trans system - a universal, fully ISO M1-compliant floor system, which will only be available on Citroen vehicles.  The Relay minibus can be converted from seated to wheelchair, or load carrying mode in a matter of seconds.


The seats used with the Flex-i-Trans system can be folded flat and then pivoted so that they are folded alongside the vehicle sidewall - below the window line - to enable wheelchairs to be carried.  The drop-down seat and locking operation means that there is no need for manual floor bolts and there is no manual handling of heavy seats.  For larger loads, the seats can be quickly removed to convert the Relay into a van. 


The unique Flex-i-Trans system allows a high degree of versatility - the new Tawe-converted Ready to Run Relay can carry up to 14 seated passengers, or 8 seated and 2 wheelchair passengers, or 5 wheelchair passengers and 1 attendant, or the vehicle can work as a van.  This versatility makes the new Ready to Run Relay conversion ideal for a variety of roles, such as combined wheelchair and passenger transport or for hotel and airport shuttle work - as load and passenger space can be optimised for each application. 


The Flex-i-Trans floor system has proved to be both reliable and durable - it includes integrated and patented fixing systems and folding/removable seats.  The installation also incorporates ceiling-mounted three-point seat belt fixings that can be easily attached and automatic in-floor wheel chair fixings, which require no manual adjustment.  As a result, manual handling/bending by the driver or attendant is greatly reduced.


With the seats removed, the new Tawe-converted Relay minibus has a flat floor that makes for easy loading or carriage of cargo, which can be easily secured by retractors and belts - eliminating the difficulties of tangled/missing belts with conventional load restraint systems.


KFS Relay small plant carrier


The KFS Relay ‘Plant & Go’ multi-purpose low loader is designed to carry horticultural equipment or small wheeled/tracked construction equipment, which can also be used as a general low-loading, flat-bed load carrier. 


The Relay Plant & Go is derived from the KFS Ready to Run Relay-based low-loading car transporter.  The new Plant & Go body is mounted on the Company’s specially-developed drop frame rear chassis, which can be used in conjunction with either the Relay 35 120hp or Relay 35 160hp cab unit.  At 1600kg, the all-alloy Plant & Go body has the highest payload of any vehicle in its class and has a load deck height of just 550mm.With its beaver-tail rear end and lightweight aluminium loading ramps, the Relay Plant & Go allows easy loading of a wide variety of equipment, including ride-on lawnmowers, tracked mini-diggers and cherry-pickers. 


The Relay Plant & Go has a 4,000mm flat load deck with removable sides - uniquely formed by the vehicle’s light alloy loading ramps - and a removable rear load retaining closure.  This can be located in two positions along the body length to suit different load patterns.


A wide range of options are available for the Plant & Go body, including secure side storage lockers for strimmers and other small equipment, as well as winches, roof-mounted light bars and load-securing straps.


Somers temperature-controlled box van with insulated side-load door


Somers already supplies Citroens Ready to Run programme with over 40 temperature-controlled panel van conversions, based on Nemo, Berlingo First, Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay panel vans.  They have now developed a new temperature-controlled box van body to suit Relay 35 L2 chassis cabs. 


This new high-specification body has been introduced to meet a growing demand from supermarkets and other food retailers for temperature-controlled internet home delivery vehicles. 


The Somers body is constructed from vacuum-bonded insulated panels, made up of one-piece white GRP laminated skins, bonded either side of a high density insulated core.  Internal length of the new body is 2,915mm, internal width is 1,934mm and internal height is 1,900mm.  The Ready to Run specification for this body includes twin side-hinged, double-insulated doors with stainless steel door furniture (opening through 270 degrees), an aluminium sub-frame and a heavy-duty non-slip GRP floor. 


The standard refrigeration plant for the new box body is a GAH Javelin JTF20T unit for frozen applications and JTM20T for chilled applications.  This refrigeration plant can be fitted with GAH FS 35 fuel-saving, patented air management equipment that directs air through the fridge coils and lets it dissipate the heat extracted from the box, whilst also reducing head-on and cross-wind drag.  This has been designed in conjunction with airflow management specialists at Cranfield University. 


The GAH Javelin JTF21T refrigeration plant can also be optionally supplied with a standby facility.  In addition the box body can be supplied in dual compartment (chiller/freezer) configuration and with side-load doors. 


Somers has also developed a new flush-fit insulated fold-back door for its Relay temperature-controlled panel van conversions.  This new door uses original Citroen hinges and locking mechanism for ease of repair and spares availability.  Unlike conventional plug-type doors the new side-load door offers the benefit of easy external cleaning and better external aesthetics.


Somers builds all its Citroen conversions to ATP standards and can also offer ATP Class C-approved versions for European operations.


Supertrucks Relay glass-carrying van


The new Relay low-loading glass-carrying van has been developed to provide the glass/window trade with higher standards of operational efficiency and crew safety.  It is based on a Citroen Relay 35 120hp cab unit.  With a specially developed drop-frame converted chassis, the low-loading glass carrier has a rear load deck height of just 500mm.  This low deck height provides easy walk-in access for the crew - and also makes it safer and easier to load/unload glass from the two full length, full height internal racks.


The new Ready to Run Relay low-loading glass carrier delivers the benefits of a very large, 3,000mm long x 2,400mm high internal load compartment - considerably greater than those of the largest panel van conversions.   Another key feature for the window trade is the low-loading glass carrier‘s 1,340mm aisle width between the two internal racks, which enables them to carry more window units. 


The Ready to Run Relay low-loading glass carrier is supplied with twin internal racks with a single external glass-carrying rack.  In addition to a fixed roof, the new vehicle is optionally available with Supertrucks’ optional concertina roof, to enable overhead crane loading of stillages.

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Citroen Relay box van Citroen Relay box van Citroen Relay panel van Citroen Relay panel van Citroen Relay glass-carrying van Citroen Relay glass-carrying van Citroen Relay plant carrier