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Use WhatGreenCar when you scrap your banger

12th November 2009 Print

Rolled out in May this year by Lord Mandelson, the Car Scrappage Scheme has proved a massive success in the UK with over 227,000 new cars on order or sold since launch.


The scheme has also proved to be greener than expected – official figures show the average tailpipe CO2 figure for a scrapped car is at least 179g/km, compared to a much lower 134g/km average for cars bought through the scheme.  This means a reduction of 45g/km, which amounts to almost 70g/km when fuel and vehicle production emissions are taken into account.


But, with the extended scheme running out in February 2010 (or when 400,000 buyers have scrapped their cars) there isn’t much time left for you to scrap your banger and choose your new car, before it is too late.


When you do, remember WhatGreenCar can help you decide on the best car for you. Simply visit which lists over 3,000 new models, and shows the vehicle's lifecycle impact on the environment including an assessment of vehicle use, fuel emissions and vehicle manufacture. 


On the website, all new cars are given an environmental rating out of 100 with 0 being the greenest car and 100 being the most polluting.  WhatGreenCar also provides you with independent and expert information to help you research environmentally friendly cars and find the best one for your requirements.


Not only does WhatGreenCar give you environmental ratings, but also other important facts too – you can check model’s MPG figures, CO2 emissions and whether the vehicle you want is exempt from the London Congestion Charge.


Primed with all this information from WhatGreenCar, you can now proceed confidently, to the dealer of your choice, to ‘scrap your banger’ for a new eco-friendly model. More importantly you can also save £2000!


For more information, visit