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Christmas could come early for DVLA

25th November 2009 Print

Christmas could well come early for DVLA Personalised Registrations when the coveted 6 O private plate goes under the auctioneers’ hammer on Friday, December 4.

Should the registration surpass £34,000, the Agency will have raised a colossal £600,000 from the sale of its first six O-series registrations released to mark its 20th anniversary.

However, with the average price for the 1 O, 2 O, 3 O, 4 O and 5 O plates topping £113,000, DVLA auction staff will be waiting with bated breath as to exactly the final amount they will bank for the Treasury when 6 O is auctioned at precisely 8.50am at the Tankersley Manor Hotel, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The year got off to the perfect start when 1 O sold for £210,242 in January, 2 O made £142,249 – sums which ensured them both a place in the DVLA’s all time top 10 best sellers’ league table – in March. An old Land Rover worth less than £500 was the destination for 3 O which sold for £63,128 in June. A 24-year-old paid £63,128 for 4 O in August and 5 O went to a mystery bidder for £87,853 in October – taking the grand total to £566,344.

Damian Lawson, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Marketing Manager, said: “The O-series has been a phenomenally success for us. Topping £600,000 from the sale of six personalised registrations would literally be the icing on the cake for this, our 20th anniversary year.”