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Virgin Atlantic releases iPhone app for people afraid of flying

2nd December 2009 Print

Virgin Atlantic has announced that its highly acclaimed Flying Without Fear course with a success rate in excess of 98% - is now available as an app for iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store - the first of its kind.

Many people suffer anxiety at the prospect of flying. These fears range from anxiety at booking a trip to complete inability to board an aircraft. Whether it is the unfamiliar aircraft, the strange noises a plane makes, or the fear of losing control, this app is designed to help people overcome their personal fears.

Sir Richard Branson, President of Virgin Atlantic, commented:

"This is Virgin Atlantic innovation at its best. Our first iPhone app will bring the benefits of our successful Flying Without Fear course to millions of people around the world who are now using mobile technology to make their lives better. The app will put many travellers at ease and enable them to prepare for their first Virgin Atlantic flight."

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear team have developed the app with Mental Workout, a company developing mobile applications focused on improving lives by helping people resolve issues and increase mental performance.

The Flying Without Fear app contains a personal introduction by Sir Richard Branson, a video-based in-flight explanation from start to finish of a flight, frequently-asked questions, relaxation exercises and fear therapy, fear attack button for emergencies with breathing exercise, and quick tips, and a ‘My Program’ section where each user can rate their personal fears and add future flights, preparing the user for their next flight. As a bonus, the user is offered 2,000 points when joining Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club.

Virgin Atlantic’s Fear of Flying team recently helped American actress Whoopi Goldberg overcome her fear of flying. The actress had not flown for a decade but a business commitment in London meant she had to step on a plane once again.

After going through the course, Whoopi Goldberg said:

"The program works, I was a sceptic. I hadn’t flown in 13 years but after doing their program, I understood that while my fear was real, there were many things I didn’t know or had misinformation about, which they were able to clear up. So what happened? I now fly. It’s that simple."

Mickey Beyer-Clausen, founder of Mental Workout, added:

"Mental Workout is dedicated to providing people with mobile tools that harness best-in-class expertise to improve and enhance their lives. With approximately one in three adults afraid of flying, we wanted to make the best therapeutic tools available to everyone who wishes to take control of that fear. By creating this app in partnership with Virgin Atlantic, we can help those who have a fear of flying - whether acute, mild, or only occasional - control that fear and by doing so broaden their world."

The Flying Without Fear app is available for £2.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

For further information, visit