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Google Chrome now available for Mac and Linux

9th December 2009 Print

Google has announced that Google Chrome, its web browser, is now available for Macintosh- and Linux-powered computers. Google first launched its web browser for Windows in September 2008 to respond to the way the internet had changed. As the web has grown, people do more and more powerful things online--banking, social networking, multimedia--and the tech company felt that browsers had not improved to match the modern internet. The Windows version of the browser currently has more than 40 million users worldwide.

Chrome's key features include:

Speed - Google Chrome is built to start up fast and to run web applications and websites fast. We want you to be able to feel the difference in speed online.

Simplicity - Google Chrome should just work. Its simple, stripped-down design follows the same design principles as the Google homepage.

Security - since all the programmes running in Google Chrome run online, every tab operates within a security sandbox, making it harder for viruses and malware to affect your machine.

"Chrome has come a long way since launch. We've made even more speed and stability improvements, and it's getting better all the time," said Anders Sandholm, Product Manager for Google Chrome. "Today's launch is a big step: we wanted to bring Chrome to even more people to improve the way they experience the web."

To download Google Chrome for your Mac or Linux machine, go to