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How healthy is your child’s lunchbox?

13th January 2010 Print

Research published this week by the University of Leeds has revealed that only 1% of children’s lunchboxes meet the Government’s nutritional standards. With over 5.5bn packed lunches being eaten each year, this is a staggering amount of junk food that children are potentially consuming.

YAZOO, the nation’s favourite milkshake belongs to an exclusive selection of drinks which meet current government legislation for drinks that can be freely sold in schools, so parents can be safe in the knowledge that YAZOO is a great healthier alternative to high sugar soft drinks and an ideal lunchbox filler.

YAZOO is not only low in fat, but it also contains less than 5% added sugar and is free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It’s not just what’s left out that makes YAZOO a healthier alternative to some other soft drinks, it’s packed with calcium and a good source of vitamin B. With three tasty flavours to choose from including strawberry, chocolate and banana, there is something to suit even the fussiest of eaters!

According to health expert Dr Jennie Cockroft (Director of Nutrition at Purely Nutrition Ltd), “Many children’s drinks have been banned from schools and lunchboxes but because YAZOO contains real fruit juice, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and less than 5% added sugar, your school will be happy for you to pop one in your child’s lunchbox to quench their thirst at lunch or break time. Not only that but you’ll be providing your child with a healthy calcium-kick at the same time.”

Why should kids drink milk?

- Milk is one of the best sources of calcium which is vital for healthy growth, strong bones and teeth
- Children between the ages of 7-10 years should get at least 550mg of calcium each day and a small 200ml bottle of YAZOO provides kids with 30% of their RDA , so there’s no tastier way of getting calcium into their bodies
- Milk is a great source of vitamin B which is good for making red blood cells and the formation of nerves
- Milk also contains protein which is important for muscles and body strength. A small 200ml bottle of YAZOO contains about 6g of protein and can make a good contribution to the daily protein intake kids need
- Children who drink milk have comparable or lower BMIs compared to children who don’t drink it

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*Fruit Juice only applies to banana and strawberry flavour.


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