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Isuzu helps dad deliver bundle of joy

13th January 2010 Print
Isuzu Rodeo

David Wheatley of Stafford has joined that privileged group of men who can lay claim to having delivered their own child.  The makeshift midwife was aided in his joyous task last month by the family’s spacious and reliable Isuzu Rodeo.

Busy mucking out his horses early one morning, David heard wife Carla calling for him to come quickly.  He dropped everything, ran back to the house, scrubbed his hands (he must have known what was coming), got Carla into the Rodeo and started to drive the 12 miles to Stafford hospital.  Just three miles from safety, Carla told him the baby wasn’t willing to wait.

“It all happened so quickly,” exclaimed David.  “When Sophie, our five-year-old, was born, we were in hospital overnight waiting for things to happen.  But, all of a sudden, there I was standing in the street at the passenger door, supporting the baby’s head, then his shoulders, and then all of him.

“My mum was there and was supposed to be relaying messages to me from the paramedics,” continued the proud new dad.  “But all I can remember is her shouting ‘It’s a boy! It’s a boy!’  We wrapped him in towels and within a few minutes the paramedic arrived and took over.  Then an ambulance arrived to take Carla and him to hospital.”

While a pick-up truck at the side of the road isn’t likely to feature in anyone’s ‘ideal place to give birth’ list, the Wheatleys could have done far worse.  The Rodeo’s rear doors are much wider than most competitors and can be opened up to 68.5 degrees allowing easy entry and, erm, delivery.  In addition, the driver’s seat offers up to 200mm of travel, which really aided Carla in “helping things along”.

Happily, later that same afternoon David was able to take Carla and baby Reuben home where a delighted Sophie welcomed her new baby brother.  Reuben, who weighed in at 7lbs, and mum Carla are both doing well.

The Rodeo range starts at £11,649 for the 4x2 single cab and rise to £25,499 for the Rodeo LE Sport automatic.  Visit for further details.

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Isuzu Rodeo