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first:utility encourages customers to submit meter readings

19th January 2010 Print

Gareth Kloet, head of energy comments "With the new iSave2 tariff, first:utility aims to minimise the estimated billing roulette by encouraging customers to submit regular meter readings through an incentive scheme; £5 for each reading submitted over the course of the year.

Customers can claim this up to 4 times, totalling £20.  This means that for the average consumer, the annual cost of the dual fuel tariff will fall from £921 to £901.

first:utility has been consistently competitive since its inception into the market place and this is another winning tariff from them.  In its basic form this is certainly a tariff to consider, although not the best available in most regions.

However, if customers take the responsibility to read their meters on a quarterly basis, the discount provided means that not only is it the cheapest tariff currently available in seven regions in the UK,  but it'll also help them to pay for the energy they use, rather than an estimate."