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Stop searching for a car and find one

2nd March 2010 Print

For those looking to buy their next car, the search is over! The first online ‘find engine’ has launched and is geared up to identify car suppliers which have the exact car that each buyer is looking for, quickly and securely, without them having to do the legwork themselves.

“ is a find engine, not a search engine,” comments CEO Guy Walker. “This means the car you’re looking for finds you without you having to conduct lengthy online searches, sifting through thousands of irrelevant search results.”

The find engine ensures results are 100% tailored and personal. Buyers simply place a notice on the site outlining what car they are looking for along with any specific requirements (make, model, age, mileage, price) and the find engine does the rest, matching the request with its already established network of over 5,000 registered UK suppliers who have a suitable car.

Guy Walker adds, “The site is already proving a huge success, as we’re saving time and effort for all involved by only putting relevant car suppliers in touch with buyers. This way, people avoid being spammed with vehicle details they have no interest in and instead are given full control right from the start, from the sellers they choose to respond to, up to the final offer they make.”

This effective method of car finding is free to buyers and the process is safe and secure, so they can rest-assured the dealers are fully registered and are abiding by a strict code of conduct. has also partnered with Britain’s biggest and best car buyer’s guide What Car? to become its official online car buying service.

Comments Product Manager Nick Flood: “Our partnership with gives our 1.5 million monthly users another easy way of finding their perfect car at the price they are willing to pay, without the associated hassle. The service can be accessed from across the website and forms an important part in many of our users’ journeys through research to purchase.”