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Cold winter has been a real passion killer

2nd March 2010 Print

In a bid to keep warm during the coldest winter for over 30 years, Brits are taking to their beds - armed with extra bedding, hot water bottles, items of clothing and bed socks.  But new research from leading comparison website reveals that while we are spending more time under the duvet, the cold weather is proving a real passion killer.

While over half (53 per cent) of those surveyed have been lying-in longer whenever possible, or going to bed earlier (34 per cent) to keep warm, 17 per cent said that their sex life had suffered because of the cold weather.  Nearly a fifth (19 per cent) of Brits complained that they had sex less than once a week over the winter period.

The key findings from's ‘Winter Warmer' survey reveal that to keep warm:

57 per cent of people have used more blankets and duvets around the house
52 per cent have been wearing pyjamas or other sleepwear to bed
43 per cent of people have been wearing socks in bed
29 per cent have bought or started using a hot water bottle
22 per cent have gone to bed wearing items of clothing
15 per cent have bought or started wearing thermal underwear

But while our sex life may have suffered, the cold weather has meant a welcome return for some traditionally wholesome activities around the home.  Over 14 per cent of Brits say they have learnt how to cook ‘winter warming' recipes, while 12 per cent have started ‘batch-baking' to make better use of their oven.   Meanwhile, seven per cent say they have started using a real fire or a wood burning stove for the first time this winter.

However, is urging people not to accept a cold bedroom lying down, but to shop around for a better energy deal instead.  On average, customers who switch their energy provider save £285.37 per year.

Mark Greening, head of utilities at, commented, "Since mid-December, we've seen some of the severest winter weather for over 30 years, so keeping warm while managing the heating bills has been a real challenge for some people.  It seems the cold weather has meant many of us have been reduced to hibernating under the duvet and putting extra layers on rather than stripping off.  

"We can't promise to improve your sex life, but we can help save you cash.  As well as making sure your home and appliances are energy efficient, people can save a lot of money on their fuel bills by shopping around for the best deal.  And that may just help to warm things up in the bedroom a little."