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Best types of flooring for the bedroom

15th June 2023 Print

When it comes to choosing flooring for the bedroom, the obvious choice for many years has been carpet. However, recent trends dictate that carpet is falling out of style and solid wood flooring is a much more popular choice. In this article, we look into why wood flooring is replacing carpet in many of our nation’s homes and why it is the best choice for your bedroom. 

The environment 

Many shoppers are now trying to make more environmentally-friendly decisions with their purchases. If you’re looking to vote for more eco-conscious options with your money, then wood flooring is a clear winner over carpet. 

Carpet is typically created using mainly synthetic fibres like nylon, a type of plastic. During the manufacturing process, unsustainable materials are used and many off-cuts will go to waste or end up broken down in waterways. 

Wood flooring, on the other hand, is made from wood - a sustainable material. Furthermore, reputable flooring companies offset deforestation by planting trees and supporting other reforestation projects. Another environmental benefit of wood flooring is that it lasts a lifetime, whereas carpet will need replacing more frequently - using more materials and harming our planet. 


Wood flooring has been around for centuries and continues to be popular because of how beautiful it looks in almost every room. Not only does wood flooring come in a range of styles to suit homeowners’ tastes, but it also blends well into most interior design styles. There has been no time in interior design history where wood flooring was out of style and it has truly stood the test of time. 

Carpet, on the other hand, can be purchased in neutral tones but doesn’t always fit with changing interior styles. Although it may be easier to update, the quality deteriorates rapidly and many styles can quickly go out of style and look dated. 


It is very simple to keep wood flooring in good condition. Simply sweeping and occasionally mopping will leave floors looking as good as the day they were installed for years to come. You can also decorate the floor with rugs to provide a contrast of wood and fabric and protect the floor. 

One of the main issues with carpet is that cleaning can be a chore. Dirt can quickly build up in carpets, even with regular vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaning services can bring dull carpets back to life, but the quality and feel of them will never be as good as the day they were laid. 

Wood flooring is the best choice for your bedroom 

Concluding everything that we’ve gone over, wood flooring is a clear choice over carpet. With a timeless aesthetic, easy maintenance, durability and environmental benefits, you won’t regret choosing a real wood floor instead of carpet. 

Finally, the above points are all things that will be considered by potential purchasers when it comes to selling your home. Wood flooring can add resale value as buyers look for lasting flooring that they won’t have to update.