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How can I modernise my child’s bedroom?

23rd August 2021 Print

While some bedroom designs may be seen as timeless classics, others can begin to show their age after a few years. To help keep your child’s bedroom looking fashionable, and for them to appreciate their space, you may want to think about the ways that you can make it look that little bit trendier. In particular, older children may feel embarrassed if they don’t perceive their room to be as cool as their peers. While you should teach them to be grateful for the things they do have, you may also want to consider certain compromises.

Changing the bed

Even though your child’s bed is there to allow them to sleep, children can be envious of friends who have nicer beds than their own. When a child gets older, they may no longer love that racing car bed that they idolised when they were small, or fit properly onto the toddler bed that was adequate only a year ago, and instead want something to reflect their new-found maturity. If it is within your budget, you could opt to change their bedframe. Checking out a wide selection of beds to choose from, such as the range found at, can allow you to consider your child’s needs, as well as what they want out of a bed. Opting for a mid-sleeper bed can also give you that bit more storage room, which can make a big difference in smaller bedrooms.

Repainting furniture

Replacing everything that currently resides in your child’s room may not necessarily be feasible, especially if you are working to a tight budget, which is where a level of compromise may be required. Instead of getting rid of their old furniture units, and struggling to find the money to buy new items, you could repurpose them. By sanding off the old paintwork, and repainting wooden furniture, you can help them to look different and fresh. Changing the handles or knobs can also add to your new design. This work might need to be carried out outside, to avoid any health problems associated with wood dust or paint fumes, as well as the potential mess it may make. 

Consider a colour scheme

Although certain colours may be perceived to add to a property’s value, you want your child to enjoy their personal space. Opting for a colour scheme that makes their bedroom stand out, or promotes relaxation, can help to make it look drastically different than before. If the room is small, or you simply don’t want additional work in the future, you could opt to paint the walls a neutral colour, and then have a bolder design on a singular wall, or even utilise posters or artwork. This is a process that can be decided on alongside your child, so that you are both in agreement.

Modernising your child’s bedroom may require some form of budget, as well as a bit of know-how. By doing most of the work yourself, and recycling current items, you can keep costs low, and satisfaction high.