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Anna Wintour speaks out against skinny models

25th March 2010 Print

Anna Wintour has spoken out against skinny models. The US Vogue Editor - who has previously defended the use of small models in the magazine's photo shoots - admits more needs to be done to help girls and wants designers to stop sending in sample clothes that are too small for anyone but children.
She said: "Each and every one of us needs to realise we are all responsible for the models' health.
"We need to reverse the tyranny of sample clothes that just barely fit a 13-year-old on the edge of puberty."
The 60-year-old fashionista also notes Vogue has used less models on the cover of the magazine because they quit the job as they get older and grew larger, therefore providing less of a draw for the public who don't get to know them.
Speaking at Harvard University forum - Health Matters: Weight and Wellnessin the World of Fashion - she said: "Most models work only when they have the uber-slim physique of the very young, stop getting jobs when they fill out and hence don't last long enough to develop public personalities, like the 90s supermodels did.
"As a result, more magazine covers and lucrative beauty contracts have gone to singers and actresses."