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Cars that missed the scrappage scheme give buyers great deals

22nd April 2010 Print

With the scrappage scheme now finished, late 1990s cars are emerging again into the used car market and providing some really good deals for motorists with a tight budget. 

“Reports that late 1990s cars had all but disappeared due to the scrappage scheme seem to have been greatly exaggerated” said independent motoring expert, Honest John following a visit to a major BCA car auction earlier this week.  “You couldn’t move for late 1990s cars at the auction I went to on Monday and there were plenty of bargains to be had, which is great news for motorists who are on a tight budget but still want a decent set of wheels.

“For example, a 2000W Peugeot 206 1.4LX 3 door went for £650 - £300 below the listed trade price and a solid 97R Nissan with 57,000 miles on the clock sold for just £350. The Peugeot 206 was bought by two girls without any assistance from a bloke.

“What this sale told me was that the scrappage scheme did a good job – but it didn’t wipe out late 1990’s cars,” continued Honest John.  “That means that used buyers who don’t have much money to spend will still be able to find a car that meets their budget. And that is crucial to keep Britain motoring.

“Fuel prices are sky-high so anything that can be done to keep motoring costs down has to be a good thing for the UK economy.  Sadly the public transport infrastructure – outside of major cities – is still very weak and, therefore, people need a vehicle to be able to get to work, get to the shops, support family, etc.”

Buying at Auction – Tips from Honest John
If car buyers are going to make the most of the good deals, they need to still be mindful of a few key things when going to auction.

Give any cars you're interested in a good once-over in the auction marshalling yard

Look for obvious signs of a repaint (spray dust, over-bright paint, rubbing compound, tide marks under rubber trim strips)

Check for matching shut-lines, especially between the bonnet and wings and front wings and doors.

Crouch down in front of the car and look along the sides for ripples

Check the condition of the tyres for uneven wear

When the engine is started up, look for excessive smoke from the exhaust, and ask the yard boy how much clutch it has left