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Mozambique - dive in and explore

11th May 2010 Print

In the Northern reaches of Mozambique’s mesmerizing coastline, lies the very special Vamizi Island where 13 Robinson Crusoe villas nestle in the lush undergrowth. However, to simply experience the icing sugar beaches and luxurious, airy villas during your stay would be to just scratch the surface of this spectacular destination.

It is when you take a deep breath and dive in that the adventure really begins…some of the world’s most spectacular unbleached coral provides the backdrop to a dazzling kaleidoscope of colour as fish in their thousands swirl around you and whales breach over head.

There is diving for every level here but to mention Vamizi Island without Neptune’s Arm would be to withhold one of the greatest secrets of the diving world. Named as ‘one of the top ten dive sites on the planet’, this is an underwater island whose surface starts about 8 metres below the water and offers canyons teaming with reef sharks, hundreds of snappers, potato bass and a myriad of tropical reef fish appearing in such dense masses that they take on the appearance of glorious darting clouds swirling over head.

Vamizi Island offers the 2 day PADI Scuba diver course, the 3.5 day PADI Open Water qualification or for those who are already proficient divers there are the full range of specialist courses on offer.

Dive In Style, part of Original Travel offers seven nights on an all-inclusive basis including international and domestic flights and a complimentary dive from £3,450 per person. For further information and reservations visit

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