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LoJack & Maserati join forces to help fight auto theft in Europe

26th May 2010 Print

LoJack, the leading global provider of tracking and recovery systems for stolen mobile assets, has announced that all Maserati dealerships in Italy, France, Spain and United Kingdom will now offer the Maserati LJ Security System to its customers.  This comprehensive offering incorporates the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System and a number of exclusive features.

Specially created for Maserati, the world leader in luxury sports cars and always at the forefront of new technologies, the Maserati LJ Security System relies on LoJack’s Radio Frequency technology, which is recognized all over the world as the best solution to combat the issue of vehicle theft. The System not only protects vehicles, but also supports customers in the difficult moments following a car theft (a real shock for many).

In case of a theft, customers who have the Maserati LJ Security System will be provided with a courtesy car.  Once the vehicle is recovered, LoJack will make certain* the car is returned to the Maserati dealer nearest to the customer’s home for a careful inspection and car wash.

Maserati teamed with LoJack for a number of reasons, including LoJack’s extensive coverage in Europe, its successful recovery rate and average recovery time of less than 24 hours. If the recovery of the vehicle exceeds 48 hours, customers will be refunded £900 for the cost of the service. By purchasing a Maserati LJ Security System, customers will also benefit from the insurance discounts that insurers offer to those who have installed the Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

LoJack is the only company that offers this type of guarantee and service.

“Maserati is a historical automotive brand in the UK and among the most prestigious in the world,” said Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER Network, the UK licensee for LoJack.  “Whoever buys a Maserati does it for passion, but a car also serves valuable needs. For this reason, we offer our proven Stolen Vehicle Recovery System in addition to several other exclusive features that support drivers following a car theft, including providing them with a courtesy car and the promise to return the recovered car to a Maserati dealer for a comprehensive inspection. In the event that a car is not recovered within 48 hours, we are the only company to refund the customer with £900.”

“More than eight million vehicles have been equipped with LoJack Systems around the world.  In every country where LoJack is present, it’s recognized as the most reliable technology to recover stolen vehicles by experts such as Law Enforcement officers. We wanted to offer our customers total security and several exclusive services. LoJack’s time-tested Radio Frequency technology is the hardest to be deactivated and is the best system for recovering stolen vehicles – within rapid time. In addition, LoJack’s European Network provides added coverage in the event that a car is stolen and taken outside the customer’s country of residence. For these reasons, we think we can offer our customers the best solution available today in stolen vehicle recovery, combined with several unique features,” said George Mauro Maserati.

Maserati LJ Security System, features:

LoJack Early Warning – an active system that notifies the customer of any unauthorized movement of the vehicle

Installation – the LoJack unit is installed in the vehicle by an approved Maserati or LoJack technician

Subscription – a one-year subscription to the LoJack Command Centre

5 Star Plus – upon the recovery of a stolen vehicle, LoJack will take care of all the administrative procedures to ensure the vehicle is delivered to the local Maserati dealership for a free inspection and car wash*

Total Comfort – LoJack covers the cost of the first three days car hire

48 Hour Recovery Lifetime Warranty – If a stolen car is not recovered within 48 hours from the notification of theft, the client will receive a refund of £900 for the cost of the package

The LoJack Advantage:

LoJack Systems are covert and based on time-tested Radio Frequency technology that, unlike GPS only systems, can track and recover a stolen vehicle even if it is hidden in a container, underground parking or garage. Because the transponder is hidden in the vehicle, it is almost impossible for an ill-intentioned person to find and disable it.

Another key differentiator from all the other systems on the market is LoJack’s unique relationship with Law Enforcement, who, thanks to the special “Vehicle Tracking Computer” (VTC) that LoJack installs for free on their vehicles, are able to track and recover directly and in real-time stolen vehicles equipped with LoJack.