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Logic3 LCD ProDoc - docking station for iPhone and iPod

9th July 2010 Print

Logic3 have unveiled an eye-catching new addition to its range. The LCD ProDock is a compact unit that brings a big screen experience from small screen content and big concert sound to downloaded music.

The contemporary designed docking station - compatible with the complete range of iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic - is simple to connect to almost any TV using the cables provided. Once connected, any video content or slide shows on the iPhone or iPod can be viewed on the big screen.

Any music stored on the iPhone or iPod can also be played through TV surround sound systems, or a hi-fi system, turning a simple playlist into a concert experience.

What’s more, the LCD ProDock system includes an intelligent remote control with a built-in colour LCD screen. This synchronises with the iPhone or iPod allowing you to scroll through the menus, making it easier to find the video content you want to see, or playlists and albums that you want to listen to.

All the while, the LCD ProDock is also re-charging the battery of your docked iPhone or iPod.

“This is a small unit that delivers a big benefit,” says Logic3 Director Michael Kirkham. “The LCD ProDock is a great companion piece which will not look out of place beside the main television in the home. It makes it easy to enjoy downloaded video and online content with friends and family on the big screen and brings a new dimension to downloaded music by utilising your existing TV surround sound.”

With an RRP of just £79.99, the LCD ProDock is available direct from stores such as HMV and KRCS, as well as online from Amazon, Play, Micro Anvika and