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Freddie Flintoff teams up with Shell to help Britain save fuel

28th July 2010 Print
Freddie Flintoff

Shell has teamed up with Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff to launch Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Diesel - two breakthrough fuels designed to help drivers save up to 1 Litre of fuel per tank from the very first fill, at no extra cost.

The new smarter fuels are a breakthrough in fuels technology and contain Shell’s most advanced fuel economy formula to date.  They will replace regular Shell Unleaded and Shell Diesel, making Shell the first company in the UK to offer customers a fuel that can help vehicles to be more fuel efficient – without having to pay any more.

To help lead the nation in driving fuel efficiently, Shell has challenged Ashes hero, Freddie, to train motorists via a specially-designed course of online fuel saving tips available at People can learn how to save fuel as well as money, plus register for the chance to win free fuel for a year.

Freddie says: “I had no idea that by using the right fuel and making a few simple changes to my driving habits, I could be so much more fuel efficient.  I went 13 miles on a single litre of Shell FuelSave Unleaded. That’s a few trips to the gym or school runs.”

The innovation behind the new fuels lies in the in-built Efficiency Improver. In the case of Shell FuelSave Unleaded, these combine to reduce energy losses by lubricating parts of the engine where oils are less effective. For Shell FuelSave Diesel, itis designed to ignite and burn more effectively than regular diesel, which helps lead to more effective combustion in the engine.

“In these cost-conscious times, it’s not surprising that our customers want to save fuel and cut driving costs. In fact, in a recent research study, 84% of British drivers said they were hungry for help to drive more efficiently. We have listened and, as a result, are proud to offer Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Diesel that can help them save from the very first fill.

“Working with Freddie we are also able to give drivers the fuel efficient driving tips they are asking for to help get them get the most out of every drop of fuel.”

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Freddie Flintoff