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60 - The perfect number for a new Peugeot

9th August 2010 Print
Peugeot 107

Peugeot has a range of great sales offers available for customers looking for a new “60” plate in September.

This September, Peugeot will help car buyers with a range of sales offers aimed at simplifying the purchasing of a new car, reducing costs and providing the freedom to enjoy your new car to the full.

Peugeot’s Just Add Fuel programme provides a cost effective and simple way to get behind the wheel of a new first car. It provides a single monthly payment that covers all the major motoring costs, comprehensive motor insurance, road fund licence, vehicle servicing, roadside assistance and warranty all in a three year finance package with one single monthly payment.

Peugeot’s Just Add Fuel (JAF) programme also provides the perfect answer for young drivers aged 21 years of age who want to own a new car without breaking the bank.  Young drivers are currently faced with ever-increasing insurance premiums; a quick trawl through the many insurance internet web sites reveal that a 21 year old first time driver in a new Peugeot 107 will pay on average £235 a month in London, £259 in Birmingham and £433 in Manchester just for insurance alone.

Under the Just Add Fuel programme a 21 year-old driver can get behind the wheel of a new Peugeot 107 Millesim for just £197, less than the cost they would pay for insurance alone.

Getting behind the wheel of a new Peugeot 107, 207 hatchback, 207 SW or the perfect car for the summer, the 207 CC is also easy in September with Peugeot’s PCP programme Passport. A range of contracts is available with an APR of 5.9% and periods of 25, 31 and 37 months and deposits from zero to 40%.

Customers looking for a larger family car can get behind the wheel of a 308 hatchback via Peugeot’s Passport programme with a 4.9% APR over 25, 31 and 37 months and deposits from zero to 40%.

Peugeot’s stylish 308 CC, the practical 308 SW, What Car? Car of the year 2010 the innovative 3008 Crossover and Peugeot’s award winning 5008 MPV are perfect for any season, and are now available via standard finance with a 2.9% APR and a deposit of 25% over four years.

Peugeot’s luxurious 407 Coupé and the versatile 407 saloon and SW are available with the practical and spacious Peugeot 807 with four years 0% standard finance and a 25% deposit.

Great offers, an innovative way to buy a new car, Just Add Fuel, the only single payment programme available and low interest rates, means buying a new “60” plate Peugeot is the carefree option this summer. 

Finally, all cars registered in September will also get a free Nokia Smartphone with in-built satellite navigation, and free of charge future updates, reducing journey times and optimising fuel usage, further helping to reduce motoring costs.

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Peugeot 107