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The Peugeot RT4 Multi Media System

9th January 2007 Print
Peugeot RT4 Multi Media System available on the Peugeot 407 range Peugeot is launching the new RT4 Multi Media system with integral 30 Gb hard drive and 180 hours of MP3 music playback capability on the 407 Saloon, SW and Coupé range.

With satellite navigation sales reporting growth of over 540% between 2003 and 2006, this is clearly becoming a “must have” option. One option is a portable navigation device (PNDs). The issue, however, with these units is that their portability also makes them prone to theft and the use of an integral aerial can also affect their performance.

An inbuilt system, however, benefits from faster response times due to the use of an external aerial, greater integrated functionality and improved security as the unit is built into the car and does not have to be removed when the vehicle is parked to prevent possible theft.

The new system evolved from the original Peugeot RT3 system launched back in 2002 and introduces the next generation of technology with the use of an integral “automotive” specification computer hard disk (i.e. a disk designed to operate in an automobile environment) with a capacity of 30 Gigabytes. The use of a hard drive removes the need for CD ROM based mapping information and also enables a music CD to be played at the same time as operating the navigation system.

The key functions provided by the new RT4 Multi Media system are as follows:

- complete mapping of 30 countries in Europe stored on the hard disk,
- a “Jukebox” with a capacity to store up to 180 hours of music from audio CDs or MP3 CDs,
- a colour screen with a “perspective” view (3D),
- faster processing time for destination calculations,
- improved reception for the radio and traffic information, thanks to the installation of a third tuner.

The new RT4 system integrates perfectly into the vehicle interior both functionally and stylistically. The system, like the current RT3, is a “4 in 1” device: it combines multiple audio and multi media functions, with a hands-free GSM phone, local emergency call capability and a GPS navigation system.

The new RT4 system retains the intuitive operating logic of the original RT3 system as well as the ability to connect to a portable MP3 player via the external RCA/auxiliary sockets. These also allow – when the vehicle is stopped – the displaying of digital photos or films.

The RT4 system also has a voice synthesis and recognition system which makes it both practical and reassuring (especially for navigation and hands-free telephone use).

TMC traffic information broadcasts from Trafficmaster are used by the system to provide “real time” traffic information to the driver, as well as the ability to “divert” around traffic incidents when using the navigation option, if an alternative route is available.

RT4 Multi Media versions of the Peugeot 407 saloon and SW will be available in SE and Sport trim levels, and all GT models will feature the RT4 Multi Media system as standard equipment. Peugeot 407 Coupé GT models will also feature the RT4 system as standard equipment, with no price increase.

Peugeot 407 SW and saloon SE and Sports models equipped with the RT4 Multi Media system cost only £995 more than the corresponding non-navigation version, a saving of £400 compared to the old RT3 option previously available.

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Peugeot RT4 Multi Media System available on the Peugeot 407 range