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Ford light commercials meet European Stage V emissions

27th September 2010 Print
Ford FiestaVan

Ford's FiestaVan 2011 models will come with engines that meet and exceed the European Stage V emissions requirements. This means Ford light commercial vehicle customers can benefit from improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Mark Simpson, marketing director, Ford of Britain, said: "Despite a tough business climate, Ford FiestaVan sales are up 40 per cent this year. This work towards maintaining class-leading low cost of ownership is how we try to make the Ford range the one that British businesses choose."

FiestaVan Stage V
All 2011 FiestaVan engines now reach Euro Stage V emissions. The 1.4-litre has an additional 2PS of power at 70PS and the 1.6-litre gets an additional 5PS at 95PS. The 2011 model also comes with a Diesel Particulate Filter and trip computer. The base FiestaVan model gains an extra 2PS of power too, with the 1.25-litre Duratec 82PS engine. Customers also gain a trip computer as standard for 2011.

Transit Connect Stage V
Ford Transit Connect customers can now benefit from improved fuel economy and lower emissions by choosing the new 1.8-litre Ford Duratorq TDCi engine 90PS or 110PS option that exceeds the new Euro Stage V emission requirements.

The new 1.8-litre Ford Duratorq TDCi Stage V engines include a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) with vaporiser technology that collects over 95 per cent of all engine soot emissions. When the DPF is full, the new vaporiser technology heats the DPF to 600oC to turn all the soot into CO2 and water in a process known as a regeneration cycle. The new vaporiser increases the system's efficiency and reduces emissions compared to normal cDPFs.

Additionally, all Stage V engines will now have a Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT) that boosts low end torque, improves driveability and also reduces emissions. As with the 110PS version, the Stage V 90PS Ford Duratorq TDCi engine will now also come with a revised final drive ratio (changed from 4.06 to 3.8) for enhanced fuel efficiency.

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Ford FiestaVan