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Back from the brink of extinction

3rd November 2010 Print

Gap Adventures has applauded the historic agreement made at the meeting of the UN Convention on Biodiversity to help halt the mass extinction of species.

The ambitious conservation programme, agreed upon last week by delegates from nearly 200 countries, outlines 20 key strategic goals to be implemented by 2020 in a bid to conserve nature under threat. Initiatives include extending national parks and the area of protected oceans from 12.5 to 17 per cent and from 1 to 10 per cent respectively.

"Sustainable travel has always been a top priority for Gap Adventures and is the reason that we set up our non-profit organisation Planeterra, in 2003," says Bruce Poon Tip, Founder of Gap Adventures.

"We strive to maintain an eco-friendly presence in some of the world's most delicate centres of biodiversity - areas that are high risk for habitat loss and species extinction, among other threats - and through our voluntours and Planeterra projects, encourage our travellers to do the same."

Be inspired by this historical step towards saving life on Earth and travel wisely with Gap Adventures. Here are the adventure tour operator's top picks of tours to centres of biodiversity:

Project Peru (Voluntour)
Trip Code: SPPJ (2010)
Price: £1039 pp
Next departure date: 14 March 2011
For those who have experienced the iconic highlights of the Andes, this nine-day 'voluntour' is a chance to give back. Before tackling the challenging Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, spend two days living amongst a rural community in the Sacred Valley. For a truly immersive encounter that few travellers get to experience, you'll volunteer building efficient traditional Peruvian cooking stoves and work with a local women's weaving co-operative— a Planeterra initiative. See the difference that you can make in the lives of others in just a few days.

Enjoy an 11 day trip for £1039 per person. Price includes accommodation, transfers, local transport, some meals, local guides, guided tour of Sacred Valley, guided four-day Inca Trail hike with cook and porters, guided tour of Machu Picchu and hands-on volunteer project.

Galapagos Comfort
Trip Code: EV10G (2010)
Price: £2139 pp
Next departure date: 25 Nov 2010
Follow in Charles Darwin's wake with this tour and enjoy plenty of chances to swim and snorkel the Galapagos' enchanting waters over the space of eight days. After exploring the island chain's abundant wildlife in the company of an expert guide, recount the day's adventures over drinks on the yacht's upper deck. In the evening, retire to your comfortable berth in an air-conditioned double-occupancy cabin with private bathrooms and either a window or porthole looking out to the ocean.

Enjoy a ten day trip for £2139 per person. Price includes accommodation on board motorized yacht and hotel, transfers, local transport, local naturalist guide, some meals, a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station, wildlife encounters and snorkeling equipment.

Madagascar Experience
Trip Code: DMMP (2010)
Price: £869
Next departure date: 8 April 2011
From rice plantations to southern desert, travel overland on this immersive adventure that will bring you close to Madagascar's incredible wilderness and culture. Witness the diversity of landscape as you travel from upland rainforests to the semi-arid landscape of Isalo and track remarkable lemurs across their island home. Savour the culture and visit artisan workshops and enjoy traditional dance performances and local cuisine.

Enjoy a ten day trip for just £869 per person. Price includes accommodation, transfers, local transport, some meals, driver, local guides, Artisan Workshop visit, Antsirabe Lake Andraikiba visit, visit to Antemoro paper factory, entrances and guided walks in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Ranomafana National Park, Anja Reserve and Isalo National Park.

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