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Motorists urged to prepare for next week’s big freeze

19th November 2010 Print

Motorists are being urged by the UK car care specialist, Autoglym, to take a few quick steps to prepare for a severe cold snap starting next week.  The Met Office has warned that next week the UK should expect “significant accumulations of snow in northern and eastern parts, and an increasing risk of overnight frost and icy surfaces”.

Thousands of motorists were caught out last year by one of the most severe European winters in living memory, and Autoglym strongly recommends motorists take care against the imminent wintry conditions.

Autoglym’s top five tips for motorists:

Prevent door and boot seals from freezing shut by treating and protecting rubber seals

Keep a de-icer close to hand outside the car as it can’t be reached inside if car locks are frozen

Keep an easy-to-use glass cleaner at hand to clear road grime from headlamps and side windows

Top-up screenwash reservoirs with a high-quality solution, ensuring the concentration is appropriate for extremely low temperatures

Prepare for the worst by keeping a shovel, torch, food and blankets in the car, and taking a fully-charged mobile telephone on each trip

As snowy and icy conditions take hold, the added presence of road salt – spread at a rate of up to 60,000 tonnes each day across the UK – can accelerate the corrosion of exterior bodywork.  A thorough wash with a car shampoo followed by an application of a premium quality wax will provide ongoing protection against bodywork damage.  Tyres are also susceptible to degradation from road salt, and can be protected with a tyre dressing.  Furthermore, using a quality interior shampoo will revive muddy, soggy carpets and seats, and will avoid damp and grubby interiors suffering increased wear and developing musty odours.

Paul Caller, CEO of Autoglym, comments: “From one winter to the next, so many people forget to prepare their cars sufficiently for the sub-zero conditions.  We’re urging motorists to remember the difficulties they faced last year and to take some basic steps to avoid the same problems arising again.  Treating door seals and making sure that their car is topped up with a quality screenwash takes just minutes, while applying a top quality wax treatment now will protect a car against road salt corrosion through until the spring.”

Autoglym, which holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment, puts all its products through an arduous development regime that includes testing in extremes of freezing Icelandic winters.

More information about Autoglym’s range of premium vehicle-care products, and details of nearby retailers, is available at