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Renault Trucks unique demonstrator programme

2nd December 2010 Print
Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks has launched a unique demonstrator programme that will see ten of the latest specification Premium 460.25 6x2 long distance tractor units take to the roads in two very striking liveries.  Nine of the new Premiums in the demonstration programme are fully wrapped in the Union Jack and will operate from Renault Truck Commercials’ sites across the England, while the tenth features the Welsh flag and will operate from Renault Trucks Cardiff.  

Renault Truck Commercials is the largest dealer group in Renault Trucks’ UK network, with 11 sites in total, located in Bristol, Cardiff, Nuneaton, Dunstable, Exeter, Felixstowe, London, Reading, Tipton, Wellingborough and West Thurrock.

The demonstration programme is designed to showcase the features of the Renault Premium Long Distance as one of the most productive, comfortable and fuel efficient tractors available on UK market today, as well as providing a strong image under which to promote the strengths of the Renault Truck Commercials dealer group.

Christophe Blazere, managing director of Renault Truck Commercials UK Ltd, explains, “I joined Renault Trucks Commercials in the UK in June 2010 and quickly identified the need to bring the 11 sites closer together in terms of operating as a cohesive dealer group, rather than them promoting themselves as individual sites, which had been the situation in the past.

There is ‘strength in numbers’ and, as a group, we are able to offer class leading levels of customer service and product choice to UK truck and van operators.”

The Renault Premium 460.25 6x2 Euro 5 demonstrators all feature the powerful DXi11 engine, with the Privilege high roof sleeper cab and the Optidriver+ automated gearbox.

More than 80 demonstrations have already been booked across the Renault Truck Commercials sites, so the vehicles will shortly become a very familiar sight on the UK roads.

As part of the demonstration programme, the Renault Truck Commercials dealer will take a download of the vehicle data, using the Renault Trucks Optifuel Infomax system, at the start of the demonstration period. A second download will be taken at the end of the demonstration period, (typically one week), to report back to the operator on the fuel consumption, emissions, driver performance and other key vehicle data.  At the end of the demonstration programme campaign, targeted for the end of February 2011, the top ten operators that have achieved the best fuel consumption will be rewarded with a prize and the results will be published!

Christophe summarises, “We want Renault truck operators and drivers to be proud of owning and driving our vehicles. We want to show them that not only do they get a reliable, comfortable and highly fuel efficient truck, but they also get the full support of Renault Trucks Commercials.  We believe that this unique demonstrator programme will help us draw the attention to the products and services offered by the group.

We have invested heavily in Renault Truck Commercials in the UK over the last 18 months, with the opening of our new £4 million site at Nuneaton and a complete refurbishment of our Renault Trucks Cardiff facility.   As the largest dealer group in the Renault Trucks UK network we have the expert knowledge and specialist support to offer UK operators a wide range of cost effective transport solutions, from the acquisition of the vehicle and through its life in service.”

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