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Maserati History and Passion

16th December 2010 Print
Maserati Classiche series

Maserati Classiche makes its début: a new, important resource for all enthusiasts and collectors, edited by Maserati itself and made up of individual issues dealing with a single subject, with detailed, certified technical information on individual cars representing the history of the brand.

Maserati models have been making automotive history over the past nine decades. This cars, filled with character and style, have become the symbol of the brand: impressive horsepower "hidden" under an elegant but never extravagant bodywork, and spacious, comfortable interiors full of attention to all details.

The GranTurismo, the GranCabrio, and the Quattroporte in the current Maserati range are the three prongs of a Trident, with roots thrust deep into the past. The models which proudly bear the Maserati logo were designed by the most important Italian coachbuilders: some have gone on to become automotive design icons, others were immediately recognised as instant classics.

For the owners of these cars, Maserati is launching the Maserati Classiche series. Created with the advice from technical experts and recognized automotive historians, Maserati Classiche is a perfect marriage of passion and dedication, a great tool to preserve and experience Maserati models to the full.

Contained in an elegant and practical collecting case, the dedicated books reproduce the original Parts Catalogues, both on paper and in a user-friendly digital format, and the Owner's Manuals of models no longer in production. A beautifully crafted 1:43 scale collector's model completes the offer.

The first edition of the series includes some of the most recent models: the Ghibli, the Quattroporte Evo, the 3200 GT, the Coupé and the Spyder. Other models will be added to the collection in the coming months.

The Maserati Classiche series is available from authorised Maserati dealers and on the web at

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Maserati Classiche series