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Barclaycard 17 month 0% balance transfer offer

4th January 2011 Print comments on new 17 month 0% balance transfer offer from Barclaycard.
Chris Griffiths, head of credit cards at, said: "The new 17 month 0% balance transfer deal from Barclaycard is the longest 0% offer currently available on the market and is likely to be popular with those looking to spread the cost of repaying Christmas debts.  As an added incentive it also offers a £20 discount off the balance transfer fee when a balance of £3,000 or more is transferred before 31 January. 

"Increasing the 0% period moves Barclaycard ahead of rivals such as MBNA and Virgin who both offer 0% for 16 months, and the additional discount to the balance transfer fee is a clear message that Barclaycard wants to be the number one option for those looking to move existing balances.  In fact customers with an outstanding balance on their current credit card who aren't currently on a 0% deal could save up to £3951 by switching their balance to Barclaycard Platinum.

"Customers looking to switch credit cards need to consider how they intend to use their new card, as those looking to make new purchases for example, might find a card offering a long term 0% purchase rate more suitable.  It's also important that customers consider which card they would be eligible for.  For example, the Barclaycard offer is only available to new customers, once again showing that when it comes to credit cards loyalty doesn't pay. offers users a free online card checker tool to find out how likely they are to be accepted for a specific card before committing to a full application. The checker can be found at"