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Correct wheel alignment could reduce fuel costs

17th January 2011 Print

Research by Micheldever/Protyre, UK independent wholesaler and retailer of tyres, has indicated that tyre/wheel misalignment could cost UK motorists up to £100 million in additional fuel costs alone. Out of alignment wheels require more energy to turn which can increase fuel consumption by 3 to 3.5%.

With the price of fuel only likely to rise through 2011 and the increase in VAT this January, Micheldever/Protyre is warning motorists they are burning money and taking unnecessary risks by not ensuring their vehicle’s wheels are aligned properly.

Following another harsh winter, misalignment is more likely to develop owing to the increased numbers of potholes created by freezing temperatures and the likelihood of vehicles bumping into curbs due to the slippery road surfaces. The impact resulting from these ‘bumps’ can knock wheels out of alignment, even damaging suspension components if severe, no matter how old or new the vehicle may be. If a motorist continues to drive the vehicle without the wheels being correctly aligned, they will increase tyre wear, decrease fuel efficiency and negatively affect the handling with the associated safety risks that presents.

According to Micheldever/Protyre retail director Simon Hiorns: “UK roads and repairs have not recovered totally from the snow and freezing winter weather of 2009/10 let alone the recent bout of ultra low temperatures and snow. And it is a fact that potholes tend to appear in the same place as previous road repairs. Potholes pose a very real safety threat to road users as well as spelling premature replacement cost for replacing tyres and possible wheels as well as suspension components.”

To help ease the burden of increasing motoring costs, Protyre is offering a free wheel alignment check together with £5 money off wheel alignment voucher to be used should remedial work be required. The vouchers are available for use at anyone of the company’s 50 retail outlets over the winter period. The voucher and details of all Protyre’s 50 outlets are available from