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Dare to bare your décolletage this Valentine’s Day

20th January 2011 Print
Dare to bare your décolletage this Valentine’s Day

Wear your heart on your décolletage this Valentine’s Day and let cupid's arrow fly with confidence as you prepare to bare a super smooth cleavage in your favourite lingerie.

Thanks to the amazing new beauty enhancer Chest-a-Peel, every woman can have a perfectly smooth, blemish free bust line to show off those low cut LBD's.

Chest-a-Peel, a soft, heart shaped foam pillow pad has recently launched in Britain after making a successful debut in the United States. This neat, easy to use, non- invasive beauty enhancer means any woman of any age or size can ensure she will look spectacularly radiant in time for Valentine's Day. This simple adhesive pad, which women apply before going to sleep, eliminates chest wrinkles which can appear in women who sleep in their side, have larger breasts or have had enhancement surgery. A recent survey has shown that 95% of users noticed smoother skin after just one night.

"Chest wrinkles affect millions of women. As we get older the skin loses its elasticity because of the decreased production of collagen and elastin fibres" explains Aisling Fenelon, the co-creator of Chest-a-Peel. "This is something a woman cares about because she will want to look her best and now we have a solution. Smoking and exposure to the sun can also play a part but the condition is most common in women who sleep on their side, especially women with large breasts.

"A lot of women end up covering up their décolletage even though they really like this part of their body," adds Aisling. "We worked long and hard on a solution because we didn't want to interrupt your beauty sleep which is so important. A lotion is never going to prevent your skin from folding over when you sleep and until now, treatments have included oils, creams and expensive laser surgery costing around £1,200."

Chest-a-Peel is a much cheaper and more effective solution. You simply apply the heart-shaped soft pad before going to bed. This keeps the skin supported and protected and in the morning the crease formed by side-sleeping is on the pad and not on the chest. This prevents new wrinkles and reduces existing marks. Each pad can be re-used about 30 times.

As Aisling explains: "In that respect Chest-a-peel is very unique. We've produced something that really didn't exist before. In fact in the United States many of our best champions are plastic surgeons because this is an area of the body that they just can't fix and we're doing it in a very effective and very affordable way."

The product underwent rigorous laboratory tests, including infra-red spectroscopy, before being approved for use in the USA and Britain. Market research in the US showed that more than half of users reported a reduction in lines and creases after only three hours, 85% would recommend Chest-a-Peel to women who suffer from wrinkles caused by side-sleeping, and 95% noticed smoother skin after just one night.

The product is now available online at The price is £24.95 plus postage and packaging.

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Dare to bare your décolletage this Valentine’s Day